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Can just read to make a person smarter? Definitely Yes. Reading a variety of literature, you get an impressive store of knowledge, which is neatly displayed on the shelves of memory. The study of history much better by classic historical works than for standard textbooks. After reading, you so vividly imagine the events as if are their direct participant. Science fiction reconfigures the human brain so that he understands the "impossible possible." Almost all the famous inventors spent his childhood with fantastic books. After all, when you think the standard dictates society, the chance to come up with something extraordinary, tends to zero. Reading detective great influence on the development of deduction. You are much faster start to analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions. Psychology books help you to understand your soul and learn to understand the thoughts and actions of others. People with a technical mindset may not agree with the above arguments. After all, everything that happens in the world is natural and is based on mathematical and physical laws. But and science study books.

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